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Studio 31 Gazebo

Studio 31 Gazebo

gazebo - zento 10x10 gazebo - zento 10x10 gazebo - zento 10x10

New for this year, Studio 31 is a multi-purpose Backyard Studio that is maintenance free. Studio 31 is made of Ultrawood which looks and feels like wood but is made of high quality synthetic composite material that is environmentally friendly. Studio 31 has aluminum frame tempered glass door and sliding windows to ensure smooth opening and closing. This Studio also has a privacy wall made of Ultrawood that can be placed either at the back or on the sides of the studio. This structure can be used as a backyard studio, office, or playroom. It can also be used to house a hot tub, sauna, or precious plants. The possible uses for Studio 31 is only limited by your imagination.

Elevation Drawing