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8 feet hot tub

Pearl Island Hot Tub

Beachcraft Series

Premium 5-person hot tub with 66 hydrotherapy massage jets and a full body lounge. Fully loaded with soothing waterfall feature oasis, multi-colored LED mood lighting and much more. Proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Seats: 5 persons

Jets: 66

Pumps: 3

hot tub feature hot tub feature hot tub feature
hot tub shell, cabinet and cover options
Controls | Standard Feature hot tub feature

Our TP800 push button controls your hydrotherapy experience

Clearwater Spas push button controls the hydrotherapy pumps and lighting – all from the comfort of the warm spa water. Simply push the jet button and sit back and relax for a wonderful warm water jet massage. The easy touch buttons on each side of the color screen, operates and navigates to customize your spa experience. (European button configurations are slightly different).

Music | Optional Feature hot tub feature

ClearPlay™ Sound System, with pop-up speakers and tweeters, lets you listen to your music wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

The ClearPlay™ wireless sound system lets you stream and listen to your mobile digital music files using Bluetooth 2.1 technology. Simply pair your mobile device to the ClearPlay™ sound system and enjoy all of your audio music files from a range of 30 feet or 10 meters. The topside controller also lets you turn your power on/off, volume up/down, skip forward/backward right from the comfort of the spa.

Enjoy high fidelity sound through two, marine-grade, flush mounted speakers and a powerful subwoofer!

The ClearPlay™ Sound System comes with:

  • Two, marine-grade/water-resistant satellite flush-mount speakers* that are 35-watts each maximum power handling.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 subwoofer with satellite amplifier that has 80-watts of maximum output power. The amplifier has a high pass cross over filter to separate the low and high frequencies for speaker protection and to provide superior audio fidelity.
  • The topside controller also lets you turn your power on/off, volume up/down, skip forward/backward right from the comfort of the spa.

* XS76R speakers are mounted to the outside front cabinet area.

How to pair iOS device to Clearplay™ Bluetooth audio system (Balboa Bluetooth Audio / bba™).

Deluxe Lighting | Optional Feature hot tub feature

Bask in the glow of our beautiful deluxe multi-colored LED mood lighting.

Sit back and bask in the glow of our beautiful, programmable multicolored LED mood lighting. This majestic lighting package is artfully designed into many of the hydrotherapy jets, water features, music speakers, pillows and exterior cabinetry. Clearwater Spas lighting is fully programmable and easy to use with from our control panels.

Water Features | Standard Feature hot tub feature

Soothing water features create beautiful focal point.

The Beachcraft Series water features are a work of art all in one beautiful cascading oasis. The pop-up water fan cascades a spray of water. Framing this are two stair-step waterfalls to make this one of our most beautiful water features.

Bistro Table | Optional Feature hot tub feature

The party for family fun and entertaining, your bistro table is ready!

A Clearwater Spas exclusive! Our lighted removable bistro table is the Piéce de résistance – a highlight feature item for the ultimate in spa entertaining. The frosted table leg is illuminated by our beautiful multicolored LED mood lighting.

MicroSilk™ Skin Therapy | Optional Feature on Beachcraft Series hot tub feature

Stay young and reduce wrinkles with MicroSilk®.

Renew your appearance, revitalize your body and re-energize your life. MicroSilk® for Spas exclusively by Balboa.

Hydrotherapy, re-imagined.

Water is a fundamental force of the universe. As humans we are mostly made up of water. Early civilizations were founded on proximity and access to water. Our planet is mostly water. Water is power. Water is beauty. Water is life. As a result we are dedicated to innovation and changing the ways you interact with water while at the same time bringing exciting new technological innovations and approaches to hydrotherapy. Look younger. Feel better. Increase your happiness, all with MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy for Clearwater Spas Beachcraft Series by Balboa Water Group.

Microbubbles cleanse and improve skin quality.

Unlike typical air bubbles, MicroSilk microbubbles are small enough to penetrate the skin’s pores and remove impurities while moisturizing and plumping your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

MicroSilk System Includes:

  • System pack
  • High pressure pump and jetting system
  • Two returns
  • Topside controller
Power-In-Motion (PIM) Package | Optional Feature on Beachcraft Series hot tub feature

Experience the best full-body massage with the optional Power-In-Motion (PIM) Package.

This exclusive power-in-motion pump and topside controller package is the ultimate option item on our Beachcraft Series. This pump package is an incredible way to customize your hydrotherapy massage to your specific needs. Adjust the water and air flow to your personal preference. The variable speed pump moves water and air through the jets from a soft flow to a strong flow – similar to a “kneading” effect you would experience from a professional massage. In addition, the water flows through the jets starting from your shoulders and moves all the way down to your feet, in a wave action, for the ultimate full-body massage.

Cabinets | Standard Feature hot tub feature

Our RIM System cabinets provide craftsman style detailing without the maintenance.

Clearwater Spas RIM System cabinets are the best and strongest cabinets in the industry. We stand by this with a 20-year warranty on all Signature Packages with the RIM cabinets. We also offer real cedar wood cabinets for the more natural look.

Ozone | Standard Feature hot tub feature

Clearwater Spas ozone helps clean water naturally with less chemicals.

Using the latest technologies in ozone water purification, the ozonator uses corona discharge to produce ozone (O3). This active oxygen attacks bacteria at microscopic levels, reducing the amount of chemicals needed for perfect water. Ozone is also useful in coagulation of metals and other contaminants that can further be filtered through the polyester filters.

Salt System | Optional Feature hot tub feature

Salt water sanitizing system water purity.

Purify water with less maintenance. The optional Salt System is a natural water purification system that helps to reduce the amount of chemicals needed and water changes.

UVC Light Plus Ozone System | Optional Feature hot tub feature

Clean Light™ UV-C technology and ozone system dual-unit destroys bacteria.

This ultra-violet germicidal (UVC) and integrated ozone sanitation system has the leading-edge technologies combined into one dual-unit. This technology sanitizer provides maximum benefits to spa bather safety, comfort, and equipment maintenance. The Clean Light UV-C and Ozone (Spa Solar Eclipse) functions as a complete sanitation solution when used to complement the normal filtration functions of hot tubs and monitoring of water chemistry.

The Clean Light™ UV-C and ozone provides enhanced sanitation through:

  • UVC water irradiation and sterilization of micro-organisms
  • Oxidation of pathogens, viruses and molds through ozonation
  • Advanced oxidation process (AOP) via ozone reaction with UVC light
  • Reduction or elimination of chloramines in the spa water
  • Dual and redundant sanitizing processes (UVC and ozone)
  • Higher levels of oxidation in the water due to AOP and UVC mixing chamber
  • Elimination of dead-zone smells above the water surface when cover closed
  • 2-year system warranty
Steps | Optional Accessory hot tub feature

Weather-resistant steps provide easy entry into your spa.

Weather-resistant polypropylene color-matching steps provide easy and safe access into your hot tub. these two-tier step colors come in espresso, Gray or Brown (with black riser). For the natural look, you may order steps in real cedar wood in a natural finish.

Cover Lift | Optional Accessory hot tub feature

Cover lift provides easy cover removal.

Clearwater Spas cover lift makes it easier to remove your hot tub hardcover. the high quality, powder coated aluminum tubing that is corrosion-free. Foam grips make handling comfortable. Comes with a standard accessory for hanging towels. Made in the U.S.A.

Pearl Island Standard Product Details:


Average Water Capacity: 430 gallons (1628 liters).
Weights: Empty: 750 lbs (340 kg)  |  Filled: 4336 lbs (1967 kg)
Filtering Area: 150/sf.
Electrical Requirements: 240 volt (U.S./Canada)  |  220 volt (Europe)
Electrical Requirement Amp./Breaker: 50 amp GFCI (U.S./Canada)  |  2 x 32 amps or 3 x 32 amps (Europe).


24/7 Filtration System: Polyester fiber reusable filters, combined with the circulation pump, will filter 100% of the water several times a day.
24/7 Ozone System: Clearwater Spas uses the latest technologies in ozone water purification by combining the ozonator with a Mazzei injector and nozzle which maximizes water purification.
24/7 Circulation Pump: The energy efficient circulation pump works to automatically filter 100% of the water through each of the filtration systems several times a day.

ENERGY EFFICIENCIES with E-Smart™ Technology | CEC Certified

Spa Cabinet Insulation System: Reflective Thermal Barrier (RTB) rigid insulation panels with reflective thermal foil on both sides providing an R-20 value.  Our insulation system harnesses all thermal gain from the pumps and the heater inside the spa cabinet while reflecting the colder outside air away from the spa.  Our RTB insulation is 12% more energy efficient than foam filled spas.
Spa Floor Insulation System: Our triple-layer Durafloor foundation system elevates and insulates the spa from the cold ground.  Our Reflective Thermal Barrier (RTB) rigid insulation panels with thermal foil on both sides are layered between a sturdy ABS molded base and an interlocking corrugated vapor barrier panel.  Our RTB insulation is 12% more energy efficient than foam filled spas.
Hardcover Insulation System: Fully insulated 1.5 pound density virgin foam cores with 5" to 3" taper.  Top vinyl is UV resistant, mildew treated and marine grade.  Comes standard with child safety locks.  Full-length heat sealed gasket with top quality stitching.  Three panel skirt design length 4" on all sides.  Two rubber handles.  Compliant to ASTM standards for safety covers.
Plumbing & Water Flow Efficiencies: Whisper-flow technology, powerful pump placement, manifold plumbing and sweep 90 degree plumbing for maximum hydraulic balancing water flow to each massage station.  The 24/7 circulation pump provides energy efficient water filtration.  Pump slice valves provide water conservation when servicing equipment.

DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION with E-Smart™ Technology

Shell Strength: Environmentally-friendly shell strength are ABS-backed acrylic, with EcoSpray® and reinforced with expanded steel in heavy traffic areas.  Our EcoSpray® process is V.O.C.-FREE (volatile organic compounds) and provides safe air quality for our factory employees and our environment.
Cabinet Strength: Cabinets available in RIM system or cedar wood.  The interlocking, unibody RIM (reaction injection molding) system cabinets are the most strongest and beautiful in the industry – and were awarded ‘Product Innovation of the Year’ by the Bayer Science Corporation.  Independent structural strength test results show the straight RIM cabinet panels can withstand 1,200 pounds.
Floor Strength: Our Durafloor foundation system is molded with 100% recycled ABS, fully insulated, reinforced with fluted air-flow vapor barrier.  The Durafloor system in silicone-sealed and screw bonded to the cabinet frame for the ultimate spa foundation system.
Pillar Support Strength: Our PVC pillar supports will not rot, mold, rust or let you down like other spas that use wooden or steel supports.  Our pillar structural support strength is unmatched by any other.


Certifications: ETL Certified (Electrical Testing Labs) U.S. & Canada, CE (Compliance European: meets safety, health and environmental protection requirements), Spa Certified Manufacturer (www.tradecertified.com), Made in the U.S.A.
Awards: Product Innovation of the Year: RIM Cabinets (Bayer Science Corporation), 5-Star Best of Class (www.poolandspa.com)
Environment: CEC Certified (California Energy Commission for highest energy efficiency standards) E-Smart Technology™ (All spas systems designed to the highest standard in energy efficiencies, engineering, economy savings, e-cycling and environmental protection), ClearAir™ Factory Operations (No V.O.C.’s – volatile organic compounds – in our EcoSpray™ booth for spa shell strengthening), Recycling Process (we use 100% recycled ABS in our Durafloors™; we recycle 100% of our wood, plastic and cardboard waste).


Structural Warranty (U.S./Canada): 20 Year Structural Warranty – Signature Package  |  10 Year Structural Warranty – Gold Package.
Structural Warranty (Europe): 10 Year Structural Warranty – Signature & Gold Package.
Equipment Warranty (U.S./Canada): 5 Year Equipment Warranty – Signature Package  |  3 Year Equipment Warranty – Gold Package.
Equipment Warranty (Europe): 3 Year Equipment Warranty – Signature & Gold Package.


Water Sanitation System: Salt sanitation system or CleanLight™ UVC + ozone sanitation system.
Music System, Wireless: ClearPlay wireless system using Bluetooth technology includes: weather-resistant media player housing with standard 3.5mm audio cable that plugs into most mobile music devices; two marine-grade, water-resistant satellite flush-mounted speakers; Bluetooth 2.1 subwoofer with satellite amplifier.
Wi-Fi Module: Controls your spa system over your home internet network connection from anywhere in the world.  This optional Wi-Fi module can make this happen with a few simple connections, some additional hardware and download a free spa application.  Wi-Fi module includes: a) 1-2-3 Easy Installation Guide b) bwa™ – Welcome Kit c) bwa™ – Wi-Fi Module (50350) d) Y-Splitter (25657) e) 1-Year of Cloud Remote Access (You will receive a notification approximately 45 days prior to the end of the expiration of your Cloud Access with instructions on how to renew). What you need: a) An Android™ level 2.3 or later, or iPhone® iOS or later. b) A Clearwater Spa with the BP Control System. c) And a local home Wi-Fi network with internet access.
Deluxe (DLX) Mood Lighting: Beautiful, programmable multi-colored LED mood lighting in many of the jets, the pillows, waterfalls, water fan, LED footwell, all of the exterior cabinet sconces and the optional bistro table.
Bistro Table: Removable bistro table has  six cup holders and a center space holder for an ice bucket or your favorite snack.  The table top is acrylic and matches the spa color.  The translucent frosted table leg illuminates from the multi-colored floor mounted LED light.
MicroSilk®: The oxygen microbubble system helps to clean and improve the quality of your skin.
Power-In-Motion (PIM) Package: This variable speed pump produces and incredible water and air flow "kneading" effect that you would experience by a professional massage.  From a soft flow to a strong flow, the water flow also moves up and down the lounge jets for a full body massage.  Includes: a) Variable speed PIM pump. b) PIM topside controller.
Accessories: Color complementing steps, cover lift, patio surround package (wrap-around steps, bar/table & two padded stools), gazebo spa enclosures.
NOTE:  All weights and volumes are approximate.  Specifications, features, options and accessories are subject to change without notice.  Selections may vary by dealer and inventory supplies.

Standard Acrylic Shell Colors

hot tub acrylic shell color
hot tub acrylic shell color
Cobalt Lustre
hot tub acrylic shell color
Midnight Canyon
hot tub acrylic shell color
Pacific Rim
hot tub acrylic shell color
hot tub acrylic shell color
Sterling Silver
hot tub acrylic shell color
Storm Clouds
hot tub acrylic shell color
Tuscan Sun
hot tub acrylic shell color
Winter Solstice

Standard Cabinet Colors

hot tub acrylic cabinet color
Driftwood Cedar Cabinet
hot tub acrylic cabinet color
Natural Cedar Cabinet
hot tub acrylic cabinet color
Brown RIM Cabinet
hot tub acrylic cabinet color
Espresso RIM Cabinet
hot tub acrylic cabinet color
Coastal Gray RIM Cabinet

Insulated Hardcover Colors

hot tub cover color
hot tub cover color

Step Colors

hot tub step color
Natural Cedar Steps
hot tub step color
Brown Synthetic Steps
hot tub step color
Espresso Synthetic Steps
hot tub step color
Gray Synthetic Steps
E-Smart™ Technology | Standard Design Component e-smart hot tub technology

Clearwater Spas environmental commitment begins with our exclusive E-Smart™ Technology.

Clearwater Spas is committed to protecting the health of our environment and manufacturing energy efficient hot tubs that help to conserve our natural resources. We continually work to improve our designs and manufacture methods to reduce the environmental impact of our product. The ‘e’ in our e-smart technology symbol stands for energy efficiencies, engineering, economies and environment.

Our engineering and design team begins all new spa development with a focus on energy efficiencies, ergonomic comfort, therapeutic value, using environmentally friendly products and providing a safe working environment for our employees. Clearwater Spas prides itself in producing no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound) that pollute the atmosphere.

DuraTech™ Cabinets | Standard Cabinet hot tub cabinets

Our DuraTech™ cabinets provide the beauty of wood without the maintenance.

Clearwater Spas DuraTech™ cabinets will provide the most authentic natural wood beauty with many years of ultra-low maintenance. In addition, all of our DuraTech™ cabinets are backed with Reflective Thermal Barrier (RTB) insulation, which are rigid foam panels lined with thermal foil to provide maximum energy efficiency.

RIM Cabinets | Standard Cabinet hot tub cabinets

The hot tub industry's strongest cabinet system is backed with the best warranty.

Clearwater Spas interlocking RIM (reaction injection molding) cabinets are the most durable and beautiful in the industry – and was awarded ‘Product Innovation of the Year’ by the Bayer Science Corporation. In addition, the Signature RIM cabinets are backed by the best 20-year warranty in the industry. The world’s strongest cabinet system is “Hummer-tested-tuff!” Shown above is a Hummer SUV on a RIM cabinet corner piece without any damage or cracking.

RTB Insulation | Standard Design Component hot tub cabinets

Clearwater Spas RTB (reflective thermal barrier) insulation is 12% more energy efficient than spray foam insulation.

Our rigid insulation panels, with double-sided foil, reflects and recycles the heat from the internal equipment keeping the cabinet warm and dry. With an insulation R-20 value, the RTB insulation system provides the best energy efficiency than other spas. Our RTB insulation also contains natural salt borates which are undesirable to insects and rodents. The removable service panels on all sides provide for easy upgrades and maintenance. Other spray foam spas are messy and costly to service.

Shells | Standard Design Component hot tub shells

Clearwater Spas shells have the beauty, strength and eco-friendly quality that is unmatched.

Clearwater Spas acrylic shell system has three layers of strength support plus expanded steel support in heavy traffic areas for the strongest shell system in the industry. Our environmentally-friendly EcoSpray™ strengthening process emits NO or ZERO V.O.C.'s (volatile organic compounds) – unlike fiberglass resin shells that emit toxic styrene V.O.C.’s into the air that can have adverse health effects.

Pillar Supports | Standard Design Component hot tub pillar

Clearwater Spas PVC pillar supports stand the test of time.

Clearwater Spas uses a PVC pillar support system which will not rot, mold, rust or otherwise breakdown like other manufacturers that use wooden or steel supports. Many other manufacturers fill the entire skirt interior with low density foam which can deteriorate and attract unwanted rodents to its warm and moist environment. Clearwater Spas PVC pillar support system, combined with the RTB insulation and Durafloor, will give you a lifetime of structural support unmatched by any other.

Durafloor™ | Standard Design Component hot tub floor

Clearwater Spas Durafloor™ system insulates and protects from the outdoor elements.

Every house needs a foundation to lift its components off the cold ground, removing the structure from moisture, bugs and other negative influences. A hot tub should be built the same way. Our weather-resistant, insulated Durafloor™ is silicone-sealed and screw bonded together with the hot tub cabinet for a solid foundation. Made from 100% recycled ABS, the Durafloor™ system insulates, protects and helps to prevent heat loss that can be drawn into the cold ground (referred to as the ‘heat sink’ effect). Our RTB insulation contains natural salt borates which are undesirable to insects and rodents.

Made in USA | Design, Engineered, Built and Assembled hot tub made in the usa

Clearwater Spas are proudly made in the U.S.A. since 1976.

Located just outside of Seattle in Woodinville, Washington, U.S.A. – Clearwater Spas factory is committed to building the best hot tubs in the world. "Our commitment to excellence goes back to the very first spa we manufactured, back in 1976, and is evident in everything we do" said founder, Ron Clearwater. Our employees take pride in our product brand integrity, quality and customer satisfaction everyday.


Every Clearwater Spa is manufactured to our exacting standards and requirements, and your long-term enjoyment of your spa is our ultimate goal. Therefore, we are proud to provide these comprehensive warranties with our products.

20 year warranty



Clearwater Spa structures are warranted against water loss occurring from defects in material or workmanship for 20 years (Signature Package) from the original purchase date. Clearwater Spas warrants their spa shell interior surface against blistering, cracking and delamination for 20 years (Signature Package) from the original purchase date.

5 year warranty




This warranty does not cover any defects, malfunctions or damages that result from improper installation, commercial use, rental use or improper maintenance. The spa shell is made of high quality impact resistant thermoplastic. The spa surface cannot be subjected to periods of direct sunlight without being filled with water. Exposure to direct sun can cause deformation of the spa surface. Such exposure will void the warranty. This Limited Warranty is limited to the original owner, installed at the original site. Any requests for change of site location must first be approved in writing by Clearwater Spas. This Limited Warranty is void if the spa has been altered, neglected, abused or misused or if any repairs have been made by an unauthorized agent. Misuse and abuse include any installation, maintenance or operation not in accordance with the owner’s operations manual. Clearwater Spas is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages of any nature, acts of God or other causes beyond the control of Clearwater Spas. All warranties, implied or otherwise, including implied warranties for merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the terms set forth in this warranty. Exterior structural integrity of the cabinet is warranted to be free of defects at time of delivery and for 20 years for Signature Package / 10 years Gold Package for RIM Cabinets and for one year on Cedar Cabinets thereafter, but does not include the cabinet surface color finish fading (stain or paint). No representative of Clearwater Spas, not its agents, distributors or dealers, has any authority to alter in any manner the terms of this Limited Warranty and Clearwater Spas is not responsible for any undertaking, representation of warranty made by any other person beyond those expressly set forth in this warranty. This Limited Warranty only covers those items manufactured by Clearwater Spas. Exclusions: any options added that are not standard features, fuses, light bulbs, LED lighting, spa pillows, filter cartridges, ozonators, UVC or salt system, any music systems such as iPod/MP3/FM docking stations, ClearStream Bluetooth System, ClearSound Stereo System, ClearPlay Bluetooth System, Media System, speakers, subwoofer, MicroSilk, Power-In-Motion (PIM) Package, circulation pump – which are covered under their separate manufacturer’s warranty.

Standard features, accessories, options, components, quantities, styles, sizes, colors, brand names, models and specifications may be improved on or changed without notice. © Clearwater Spas – Established 1976.